Welcome to Atelier Kate

Where we pride ourselves on creating holistically sustainable fashion and home goods to bring beauty into your life, while supporting our amazing aritsan community.

Our Most Sustainable Collection Yet

Future of Fashion

At Atelier Kate we believe that the future of fashion is and always will be fashion with a focus on sustainability, ethical practices and reductions of waste throughout all areas of the business. As we strive to create beautiful designs we also strive to develop our holistic sustainability everyday. Whether it is through packaging or better wages or the charities we partner with, we are seeking to offer fashion that makes you look and feel amazing!

  • One of a Kind

    At Atelier Kate we work with LVMH headstock we buy from Nona Source in Paris. This means we are limited in the amount of fabric available to us, giving you a truly one of a kind piece.

  • Artisan Craftsmanship

    Each piece is handmade by our incredibly talented artisans around Morocco. This means we can stand behind the quality of our construction & longevity of your unique piece.

  • Holistic Sustainability

    At Atelier Kate we've coined the phrase "holistic sustainability". We ensure that from fabric to sourcing, construction and labor we are doing right by our partners & the planet

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  • USA

    Raised by a child of the 70's in California, the hippie spirit has always been alive and well in Kate. She just doesn't always want flowers in her hair 🌸

  • France

    Atelier Kate was born in a bar in Paris, France in 2014 after Kate worked in fashion for 7 years and was disheartened by what she was witnessing everyday.

  • Morocco

    After 3 years of being Made in France, Kate took a trip to Morocco and discovered the incredible talent in Moroccan Artisans and has never looked back!

  • Beyond

    Kate is a traveler by nature and so many collections have been influenced by the places she's been and the people she has met. That's the AK touch!

Our Vision

Our goal is to empower those that we work with and who help bring our creative visions to life. Everyday we strive to do it a little better to bring our customers beautiful things that they can be proud to have in their wardrobe and their spaces. The business may expand but the vision remains.