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Celilo Miles: A Free Spirit with a Smile to Make you Melt!

Celilo became a Kate girl the moment she walked into our casting studio. She was tall and beautiful of course but as you all know, here at Kate we love our girls insides! She is sweet, kind, wickedly funny and taking NYC by storm! We are so excited she shared her story with us!
Photo courtesy of @Celilosm (instagram)
Tell us your story. Where are you from? How did you get into modeling?
I was born and raised in Moscow, Idaho. I’m from the Pacific Northwest. My mom helped me get in to modeling. She heard about a scouting event on the radio and dragged me in. The event was called Proscout and it took place in Seattle, Washington.
You're a proud member of the Nimiipuu Native American community. How has growing up Nimiipuu shaped you and how does it influence your life as a model?
I’m a Nez Perce enrolled tribal member member. We are also known as the Nimiipuu people. Growing up Nimiipuu has been a blessing. I know where I come from and my heritage. As a Nimiipuu model I carry myself with pride. I’m not only representing myself, but my family and Tribe.
What would you like people to understand about your heritage that maybe they don't currently understand?
I would like people to understand that my tribe and along with many other indigenous peoples live in two worlds. We live a modern lifestyle, but try to practice and incorporate our culture in our lives in any way we can. This includes hunting, fishing, gathering, beading and learning the history and language. Also people need to understand that tribes are sovereign nations.
What is your funniest/craziest modeling moment/memory?
I don’t really have an ultimate funny moment in modeling. Sometimes I’m awkward. But the fun and crazy stuff happens behind the scenes. Craziest moments are during NYFW.
Where do you call home currently and what's your favorite thing about that place?
Jersey City is currently my home. But my heart is always in the PNW. I love Jersey City, because it’s cheap living and I have some amazing roommates. We all come from different backgrounds and work fields.
What is your favorite thing about NYFW?
My favorite thing about NYFW is the hustle. As stressful as it is I always like to look back on the accomplishments. Each season I acquire new skills as a model. Modeling is always changing and you have to adapt in NYC.
What is your favorite thing about modeling? Why? What is one thing you thing should change? Why?
My favorite thing about modeling is being able to express myself as a piece of art. Modeling is an art form and it’s enjoyable when you collaborate with other great artists. I think the fashion industry should be more accepting of all body types and not put a label on the body. It’s slowly changing, but designers have more power to change the industry. Everyone should be confident with their own individual body and not have to compare themselves to a celebrity advertisements.
What are your passions, jobs, hobbies, outside of modeling?
My passions are working out. I have found running to be my stress reliever. I also enjoy hiking and driving in the country. Fishing with my family every summer has been one of the best things in my life. I enjoy being with my siblings and parents. Outside of modeling I have worked for my Tribe under the Environmental Restoration and Waste Management program. Also worked one summer as a Wildland Firefighter for my Tribe.

What was your favorite thing about working with Atelier Kate? Or about their philosophy/company?

My favorite thing about working with Atelier Kate was working with a wholesome designer and her team. Atelier Kate doesn’t just promote new trends for a season, they promote fashion from a wholistic perspective. This company cares about the earth and people that produce the garment.
If you can be remembered for one thing what would you want it to be?
I would want to be remembered for being a Nimiipuu model and more than that: an independent woman willing to take risks and go after her dreams.
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