Katherine, Kate, Katie… I answer to them all!!

After graduating from Academy of Art University in San Francisco California with a BFA in Fashion and working for major retailers both in the US and abroad, I found myself sitting in a café in Paris completely disheartened with the fashion industry. In what I would I would say is as close as I’ve come to an "aha moment", I began to research the standards for organic and fair trade manufacturing.  A year later I created the Atelier Kate clothing brand which was an amazing adventure that developed into producing events, pop up shops and workshops in some of my favorite cities around the world.


Most recently as I allow this path to unfold, it drew me into interior design projects which has always been a love of mine. Since the age of 4 I have been designing my playrooms, my bedrooms and all of our family homes, so this truly felt like a natural transition. I am so excited to now begin focusing on interior projects through the sustainable lens and create holistic, elegant and inviting spaces that my clients never want to leave! I take inspiration from my travels and the different cultures I've lived in and everything down to the colors and textures in the foods I love, the nature around me and the architecture I devour in these new places. For me design is about reflecting someone's personality and insuring their comfort. From my time working on the clothing line and now as I have transitioned into interiors, I have been able to really take all of that knowledge gained and apply them to my clients' spaces in a way that is unique to them. 


The Kate world and community is growing and changing into more than I could’ve ever imagined however it remains a place where creativity, art, cultures, design, entrepreneurship and social responsibility meet, have drinks and go dancing together and that's so exciting!!! Thanks for dancing along with us for all these years!


Lots of love to you all!



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