Katherine, Kate, Katie… I answer to them all!!

I grew up in the south with a real estate developer family friend and from a very young age, I can remember scraping paint off the windows in new house and vacuuming the carpet in a perfect pattern for the new owners to come in and make it a home. All while getting paid in jelly beans which was fine by me! I realized that this is where I started my love affair with design and aesthetics. 


I started my life in design via the fashion route, studying fashion at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and later working for some major fashion brands and some smaller in places like San Francisco and Paris. After being in the industry for some time I was beginning to become disheartened by all the waste and unfair practices I witnessed from the beginning. So one day, in 2014, over a beer with a friend in Paris I decided there had to be a better way to do fashion and that was the birth place of Atelier Kate. From there I took a year to research manufacturers and certifications and ethical practices and all the things that it took to produce fashion from start to finish fairly and sustainably. 


I learned from the artisans I worked with, I drew inspiration from the places I’ve lived, Morocco, France, Spain and California, as well as my travels to create collections that I then took on the road and drove miles and miles and miles up and down countries and coast lines to sell. I have produced fashion events and pop up shops under the Atelier Kate brand on various continents and it’s all been an amazing dream ride. Full of ups and downs of course but amazing all the same. 


During this time however, I kept coming back to creating spaces and teaching. I would renovate apartments for friends, or would work on a project here or there upon request. Even creating visuals for certain events or stores during my time in the fashion industry would get me so excited in a different way. So I decided after working on theses projects over the years that I would go back and get my credential to be an interior designer and I am so happy I did.


Coupled with the teaching I have been doing over the years I decided that Atelier Kate 2.0 would be about creating great spaces, great fashion and educating motivated creatives. I’ve been there, I’ve done that and I sure have failed along the way enough to help others avoid certain mistakes. 


So I am very excited to launch the new era of Atelier Kate that really combines everything I love, education, design and fashion in one community of creatives!