À propos de nous

À propos de nous
Atelier Kate est né de l'idée que vivre durablement ne devait pas signifier sacrifier le style. Ayant commencé comme une marque de mode biologique et équitable, Atelier Kate s'est développée au fil des ans pour devenir bien plus que cela et a inventé l'expression "durabilité holistique". Aujourd'hui, Atelier Kate s'est transformé en une marque de mode et de style de vie qui propose des produits durables fabriqués à la main par notre incroyable groupe d'artisans et conçus par Kate. Nous sommes devenus une entreprise de mode circulaire à faible taux de déchets qui se concentre sur des pratiques durables et éthiques dans tout ce qu'elle fait.

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Our Vision

Our goal is to empower those that we work with and who help bring our creative visions to life. Everyday we strive to do it a little better to bring our customers beautiful things that they can be proud to have in their wardrobe and their spaces. The business may expand but the vision remains.

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Katherine, Kate, Katie… She answers to them all!!

From a very young age, Kate was creative, constantly drawing, coloring & creating. Now she realizes that this is where her started my love affair with design started. 

Kate took this creativity & studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. During & after completing university, Kate began working for some major fashion brands & some smaller in places like San Francisco & Paris. After some time she began to become disheartened by all the waste & unfair practices she was witnessing. 

That lead to, one day in Paris over a beer with a friend, the birth of Atelier Kate. Years later Atelier Kate has transformed but the principles remain. 

Outside of her business, Kate spends her time traveling & with her family including her fur baby, Stella, who has been there from the beginning. 

The experience of living abroad & her travels is where she finds her inspiration to create new collection & new spaces. 

For more behind the scenes & information about Kate check out our blog.