Our Community

At Atelier Kate we work with some incredible people and businesses who share our vision for the future. These are the artisans and suppliers we work with to help us create our truly one of a kind collections. It would be an understatement to say its been an honor to work with them, its truly been a joy and we hope for many more collections together!🥂

Nona Source

Any good fashion collection starts with fabric selection, which is why we turn to Nona Source for the best of the best that deadstock has to offer.

Nona Source sources only the best quality deadstock fabrics that the haute couture houses of LVMH have to offer. All fabrics are certified deadstock and comply with REACH Regulation - UE 1907/2006 and LVMH RSL (Restricted substances List) making them also safe to wear was well.

Nona Source

Casa Moda Academy

Casa Moda Academy is a fashion school found on the outskirts of Casablanca that is truly full of talented students.

We work with Casa Moda Academy and specifically their pattern making professor Khadija to bring all of Kate's fashion designs to life. Khadija is an integral part of the fashion collection as she and Kate work collaboratively on Kate's designs to insure the highest quality standards are met. She is also connected Kate with Ibtissam and Mounia as well as having been an incredible sound boarding through the sampling and production process.

Casa Moda

Ibtissam & Mounia

Ibtissame and Mounia are the sister duo who execute Kate's embroidery designs. Everything beaded piece in our collection has been hand done by these two incredibly talented women.

Ibtissame went to fashion school here in Morocco, where she perfected her craft. Her and Mounia have worked on some of the most beautiful Kaftans in the country and we are so lucky to have them as part of our Atelier Kate family.

Ibtissam & Mounia

Maison Ashoosh

In 1969 Hammed Elomari, moved from his small town in Morocco to Marrakech, bringing his craft with him. He set up the first ceramics shop in Marrakech and today it has become a family affair with his son having taken over the business. A true craftsman, as well as a mechanical engineer, M. Elomari will take you through his family's shop with pride as he explains all he learned from his father and all he invented within those walls.

Ashoosh or refuge in Berber (the native language in Morocco) is a home for the preservation of traditional pottery and ceramics skills while also looking towards the future.

Maison Ashoosh is responsible for bringing Kate's designs to life in his ceramics.

Maison Ashoosh

Souad & Rkiya

Souad & Rkiya are two friends who came together to build a business together in the middle of the Medina in Marrakech after Souad's husband who was a famous leather artisan in Marrakech fell ill. Together they took over his business and it is now thriving.

They specialize in leather of all kinds and bring to life Kate's shoe and bag designs.

These two women work in a small townhouse style atelier with their kids helping with social media and in the atelier. It's truly a family affair and a pleasure to have tea with them when we visit!

Souad & Riya


The Anou Cooperative is an award winning collective of over 600 artisans from cooperatives, associations, and workshops across Morocco. The Anou Cooperative is owned and managed by Morocco's artisan community and is open to all authentic artisans committed to quality and transparency.

Anou was our first stop when searching for artisans to bring our designs to life. They are responsible for connecting us with Rhkia and Mounia and also for shipping and quality control of all our leather goods.