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The Incredibly Glamorous Side of Fashion: An Atelier Kate Origin Story

More often than not their is a huge misconception about what us "Fashion Girls" do. Most of the time people think we are expert shoppers, stylish "it" girls or just sitting in some glamorous room sipping champagne. HONEY DO I EVER WISH!! Now, not to discount those people who think that because some times this is EXACTLY what fashion is and it is certainly what most fashion people want you to think but it takes a lot of time to get to that point. Fashion is one of the most glamorous industries that a creative personal can get involved in. It offers so many different avenues that can be explored and it is an amazing, fun and fast paced environment. The possibilites are really endless when you choose this as your profession.

If you are hoping that this founding member of KATE, has a similar story to tell you about all the glitz and glam, then I should warn you this isn't the story for you. If you want a funny, real life story about a young lady with big dreams and her ride or die mother, than this is one for the ages!

After a year of research to find the right suppliers, the right pattern makers, seamstresses, trends, fabrics and so on and so on, KATE was ready for it's big Spring/Summer 2016 tour du monde! Intially we were supposed to make the rounds in California in May 2015 but because of pattern making delays we ended up making our California trip in September 2015. By the way when I say we, I really mean me and then eventually my mom.

I came to California feeling armed, ready and a combination of excited and scared shitless. I had this plan of hitting the ground running. We were already behind so I decided I was going to compile a list of the stores I wanted to meet and who I felt would be a good fit. So I piled my mom's car high of clothing, printable information and lookbooks and set off. I started in San Francisco the home of the organic, hippie movement and my old stomping grounds. It was a good decision. What wasn't a good decision was spending upwards of 8 hours in a car in silk pants! So I quickly learned that in order to not look like I had spent upwards of 8 hours in a car I would have to change before and after each destination.

There were 156 "destinations" on my list and in the end we hit every single one and more. So I got to experience some of the most beautiful places California has to offer as I am working on making my dream a reality and honestly I felt so incredibly blessed. I mean ok was it glamorous, sitting outside of my favorite Real Housewive's store in Beverly Hills (that is right next to my other favortie Real Housewive's restaurant!), changing my pants and praying to God that no one sees my bare ass on Brighton Way, NO! But it makes for one hell of a story! Could you imagine if someone did walk by, that would have either been the start of something amazing or the end of my entire project, depending on how good my butt looked that day! haha! It was, nonetheless, the moment I realized that I really freaking wanted this! I wanted this not only for myself but for my mom (who was sitting in the car right next to me covering me with a towel as we both almost peed our pants laughing) and I wanted this because of all the good I know it can do.

In that first trip we calculated that in 1 day in San Francisco (alone) I made it to 25 different stores. When I was with my mom we made it to 60 different stores (which just goes to show everything is better with a friend!) and by the end of the 4 days we spent driving from San Francisco to LA we made it over 130 stores in total, which doesn't account for all the stores that I had been to by myself and the ones that weren't originally on the list.

Meaning I changed from my pajama pants into my fabulous skirts and pants and tops and high heels more than 300 times! Listened to about 65 hours of Billy Joel, Styx and Tina Turner and laughed off about 10,000 calories. My mom and I have had some crazy adventures but this one is top 5. We looked like really fabulous bag ladies as we drove around Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Carmel with 36 garments hung from a make shift rack in the back seat (that only 1 store actually looked at) and changed our clothed in various parking garages, sides of streets and public bathrooms.

Much wine was consumed!

P.S. Not a single store that I visited bought anything but because of the connections I made I was able to meet some businesses that were interested and some stores that wanted to buy but we got to them too late.

This entire adventure, reaffirmed to me that I have the world's best mom. I mean this woman HATES driving in a city, like with every fiber of her being but she navigated through San Francisco and LA like a freaking champion. I don't think she took a breath until she was out of LA and San Francisco but she got in that car, took time off of work and hit the road with me to help me get this started! It also mirrored for me that I am a hard worker and that I do belong in this world because much to my surprise I actually know what the hell I am talking about and even more to my surprise I felt confident enough to walk in to almost 200 stores and sell myself and my brand and get rejected time and time and time again!

There were many dilirious moments!

That was the first of many adventures. I am excited to share them all with you here in this blog. We are dedicating this area to talking about all the funny, crazy and ridiculous adventures that happen along the way. Sometimes they'll be my stories, sometimes they'll be from other members of the team or just friends, I am hoping even my mom. I feel like it's a cool way to document our memories don't you think?!

Thanks for coming along for the ride and let us know what you think about these entries! This is your brand so tell us what you want to know in the comments below!



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