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Weekend Wonderland : Saturday Souk

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

So last weekend Atelier Kate hosted its first Moroccan Made Weekend of fun with a Saturday Souk at the Salt Cafe in Casablanca Morocco. Typically we do Pop Up events around different cities for just our brand but this time we decided to open it up to some of the companies in Casablanca that we love who work Made in Morocco. So I figured this would be a cool opportunity to share some of these cool brands with my Kate family!

Riwak Attayibat

Riwak Attayibat provides the best quality of what the Moroccan land has to offer. They have a variety of 100% organic products ranging from cosmetics to natural soap and nutritional preservative free products like honey, olives, olive oil and traditional Moroccan spices. The best part of having them here, beyond their smiles and the friendly conversations, was tasting all their amazing honeys and oils and olives! Just yum! If you want to learn more about them check out their instagram @Riwak_Attayibat

Djibril's Kitchen

Djibril's Kitchen is a family affair of happy health. These delicious micro-greens come from owner Dexters patience for growing and his wife Sara's love of eating! Dexter kindly offered me a box of sunflower sprouts which I added to some avocado toast and they were peppery and crunchy... the perfect topping but I also found myself munching on them later in the afternoon straight from the box. Check them and their cute kids out on instagram @djibrilskitchen

Indra Halim

Indra found his passion in Tarot reading after his journey to India, Australia, Morocco, and Bali. After pursuing his education in science and hospitality, he realized that life is pretty stressful when it is only going to certain direction without any balance and that made him realize that happiness only can be found within yourself. Through Tarot, Indra can help you to find the missing point of your life at the present and make you understand the conflict in your mind and body and help you to understand your presence to see the world in peace. Personally, I found that he has an insightful approach to his readings after he read my tarot. check out his instagram to book a reading or get to know him better @___foreveralone


Oumaima is an IT engineer with a passion for painting. She is a self-taught painter and art teacher with a desire is to bring joy and positivity to my students through artistic workshops. Maia Signature's atelier is a lively activity where you can gather with your kids or friends that help you discover the potential of your hands and the creativity of your brain. You can see her joy and passion through her artwork. Check her out on instagram @maia_signature

Samson & Delilah

Samson & Delilah is a company that focuses on one quality product and that is their 99.9% silver bracelet. With the business ethos of "quality over quantity" in order to ensure their clients receive premium prestigious products. Samson & Delilah work within the fair trade guideline to ensure that they're respecting their artisans. As owner Robet explains, silver restores equilibrium and stability to both feminine power and spiritual energy, as well as protects from outside negativity. Check them out on instagram @samson8delilah

Salt Cafe

Salt Cafe is a space that belongs to the East West hotel in Casablanca that opened it's doors to Atelier Kate to host this event but who also provided and amazing brunch. The owner, Noura Mouradi (@NouraLynn1) is an amazing cook and brings a beautiful marriage of Moroccan ingredients with American and British style foods. While the cafe is not officially open yet from time to time Noura opens the doors to do fun events so look out for her events if you're in Casablanca. 10 Avenue Souktani Casablanca.

All in all it was a fun Saturday afternoon amongst some great people and their great products! Keep an eye out for our next event coming in 2020 and let us know if you have used any of these products or if they seem interesting to you!



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