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New Year... Too Many Thoughts!

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Does anyone else have like 300 people in their heads at any given time?!

I think this is the blessing and curse of an entrepreneur. I feel like 5 year old me is always going ooh but what about his or what about that or how can we do this or make this or fix that?! And 31 year old me is going ok but I need 8 hours of sleep to DO any of that 5 year old me so calm down take and nap and remind me in the morning.

So what do y'all do to focus your thoughts and receive your ideas? Do you go all in? Or do you plan?

I think I’m a big of both. There are certain things I attack with focus and precision and certain things I throw at the wall and see if it sticks or just slides off and onto the floor. Then I pick it up and try to learn why it fell on the floor or I just walk away and ignore the mess because ain’t nobody got time!

I’m going to set out on a challenge for those of you who want to join me. For 72 hours I’m going to document every idea I have no matter how stupid I might think it is. I’m writing it down and keeping track. Let’s see what comes up.

Feel free to share what came out of it. Maybe not the ideas but feelings, thoughts, how it went for you. I’ll do the same so check back :).

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