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Lessons Learned : Moroccan Living

September 2, 2019

Since spending more time in Morocco with our new project based here as well as our manufacturing now (we work with local artisans on our collections). I’ve learned so much about food. I mean I’ve always loved food and never been into fad diets but I love fresh food. Growing up in California and raised by a hippie I was raised on tomatoes and squash from the backyard and now as a 30+ year old women I know that was a huge blessing. I digress. So while I generally know the seasons for fruits and veggies I feel like I’ve forgotten when I can get what in a normal cycle. Growing up in the us and spending many years in Paris I can pretty much find any vegetable or fruit I want whenever the desire hits. So because of spending more time in Morocco I’ve learned the actual seasons of produce. And I will say I’ve never tasted food until I moved here. Actually that’s not true. It’s very nostalgic, growing up we ate delicious tomatoes in the summer and watermelon that was so sweet you didn’t need dessert and Morocco has given that back to me. Beyond giving me a real world lesson on when fig season is it has challenged my cooking skills and I love it. When you can’t get mango for your salsa recipe in the middle of December what’s a girl to do? Well, she improvises and then shares with her tribe. So every once in a while me and my team will be sharing some recipes straight from our own kitchens that here in Morocco are locally sourced with seasonal produce. Now none of us are vegan or paleo or keto, I’m pretty sure it’s haram (a sin) in Morocco to be vegan. I eat healthy with indulgences every once in a while, generally when I have guests. So just a fair warning you may get a vegan recipe or you may get a meat lovers delight recipes. We run the gamut here in the Atelier and we’re excited to share our different flavors with you!

Here’s one of my favorites to savor some of your last summer weekends.


Because I’m not a huge soda drinker, I’m a fish in zodiac and spirit animal so water tends to be my go to but every once in a while I like to switch it up with a natural soda of sorts. This is my go to when I have my friends over on a hot summer night.

What you need:
2 cups of blueberries (blackberries work too)
1 cup of water
1.5 lemons juiced
Honey to taste
1 liter of sparkling water (the less salty the better)

In a medium sauce pan boil the blueberries and water until the blueberries pop and the liquid is an indigo color.

While the blueberry mixture is cooling but still warm add in honey to taste. Make it a bit sweeter than you want because you’ll add sparkling water and lemon to it so keep that in mind.

Juice the 1.5 lemons and add it to the blueberry mixture. If more honey is needed add it.

I like to make more and save some for later in a maison jar in the fridge and add it as I go. But for a liter to share with friends dump the mixture (once it’s cooled) into your favorite pitcher along with a liter of sparkling water and you’re good to go! Natural soda for a summer day.

*Note: this is also great if you add some vodka to it for an adult good time! 🥂

If you do please drink responsibly.

Happy Labor Day to my American friends and to those around the globe may you enjoy the last weekends of summer as we transition into fall! 





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